Nothing like a cold shower to motivate me to pick up the phone. Stan the Hot Water Man had fixed my water heater about 7 years ago, so I got pretty good mileage out of that. I called them at noon and by 3:30 the shower was running hot again. They are reasonable, fast and friendly. They have a customer for life.

-Richard A.

We had to call Stan the Hot Water Man out to replace a busted hot water heater on New Year’s Eve Day. Two of their techs were there in just a couple of hours and did the job within what seemed like an eye blink. They checked in before doing the job and followed up with us afterwards. They were congenial and glad to help us out, even at a moment’s notice (more or less) on a holiday evening, and my resident had to spend hardly any time at all without hot water on a cold winter’s day. We can always trust that the job will be done right the first time when we call Stan the Hot Water Man and so can you!

-Kerri L.

I like people I can trust. That’s why my family has relied on Stan for almost 30 years now.

-Tamara T.

I have built hundreds of quality homes over the past 15 years. I use Stan the Hot Water Man because I can trust that they will get it done right and on time.

-Joe F.

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